At C2Adopt, we believe every child deserves a forever family

We offer adoption and support services, uniting children with forever families.

Who We Are

C2Adopt is a non-profit, Virginia-licensed, child-placing agency offering training and education, placement, and support services to anyone whose life has been impacted by adoption.

What We Do

Our unique approach is reflected in the range and types of services we offer before, during, and after placement, and the lifetime partnership we provide. For questions and further assistance in your adoption journey, please contact us.

Upcoming Events

Building Family Ties

ALL LINKS GO LIVE MAY 12th (Mother’s Day) and remains live through June 16th (Father’s Day)


This year we have a RAFFLE – enter to win a Curated Richmond Experience Weekend or a Taylor Swift Guitar!

Raffle Rules

Due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions, please contact us to learn the most updated information on virtual OR in-person training opportunities. Registration is required for all training.

Waiting Children


Camille is a creative and respectful 15-year-old female. Camille enjoys reading vampire books, K-Pop, and loves Orange Chicken and Mac and Cheese. She is shy around people she does not know,…


Valente, who likes to be called “Tino”, is 15 years old. Tino’s childlike wonder and curiosity make him incredibly special. He constantly seeks information in order to gain a better…


Darin is a 14-year-old boy who enjoys playing sports, especially basketball. He is on the school’s basketball team, and he hopes to also join the school’s track team. He also likes…