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We can help you identify pre-screened families who meet your criteria for adoption

Are You Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you can learn about your available options here. If you would like to talk with one of our professional counselors about your options, please call our office at (804) 354-1881 or toll free at (800) 690-4206.

If you decide that making an adoption plan is the right choice for you, we will be happy to sit down with you and discuss the type of family you would like for your child and show you profiles of pre-screened families who meet your criteria. Below is a brief description of some of our clients who are hoping to build their families through adoption.

Each couple or individual shown below has completed the pre-adoption requirements for the State of Virginia and is eligible to adopt from any state. Each has a current adoption home study. For more information about any of these families please use the contact information provided. To see full-length profiles of these and other families please contact our office via email or phone.

For questions or more information, please contact Rebecca Ricardo at (804) 354-1881.

Larry & Kelly

Hi! We are Larry & Kelly. Our journey together began in 2009 when we both reluctantly agreed to allow a coworker to setup us up on a date. However, she proved to be right, and it didn’t take long to realize we were each other’s best friend and wanted to begin a life together and expand our family unit. We love engaging with the natural world around us, through boating, beaching, running, hiking, cycling, camping, travel, creating art and mostly by any activity that brings us laughter. Larry grew up in rural Ohio, served in the Navy, and started a business focused on IT and business system support. Kelly grew up in coastal Virginia, and now works in communications for a state agency with a long history of prior work in nonprofits. We live our lives based on the simple values of kindness, integrity and love.

To learn more about us, please contact our social worker Rebecca Ricardo at (804) 354-1881 or rricardo@c2adopt.org

Seay Family

Hello from the Seay Family from Richmond, Virginia! Our family values togetherness, love, faith, helping, laughter, learning, and family time. We are a family of five, including: Seth (“Dada”), 31: Born and raised in the Richmond area, studied engineering and has worked for multiple firms before deciding to be a stay-at-home dad. He loves to garden, create delicious food, build, make dad jokes, and learn new things.

Molly (“Mama”), 32: Grew up internationally and landed in Virginia to attend VCU, works as a Nurse Practitioner to provide quality healthcare to underserved populations. She loves people, woodworking, running, making puns, and being outdoors. Theophilus (Theo), 6: First grader, loves reading, playing in the sandbox, creating new inventions, and arts and crafts. Daisy, 4: Preschooler, loves swimming, playing with her baby doll toys, outdoor adventures, and going for walks. Ezekiel (Zeke), 2: Loves everything and everyone! He especially enjoys copying everything his siblings do.

To learn more about us, please contact our social worker Rebecca Ricardo at 804-354-1881 or rricardo@c2adopt.org

Liz & Mike

Hi there! We are Liz & Mike from Richmond, VA. Our adventure began in college in 2006, where we met through mutual friends. We kept in touch after graduation, and eventually dated long distance. After getting engaged, Liz moved from Baltimore, MD and we began our life here together in Richmond. We’ve been happily married since 2016 and have been hoping to build our small family for quite some time. Mike is an Assistant Athletic Director at a private school in Richmond & Liz is an Accountant for a large, local school system. In his spare time, Mike coaches JV basketball & helps direct several local AAU tournaments. Liz also coaches both high school and club travel lacrosse. We love to take our dog Jasmine on walks nearby to the reservoir, and we love to travel often- especially to the beach. We value love, kindness, loyalty and quality time with family.​

To learn more about us, please contact our social worker Rebecca Ricardo at 804-354-1881 or rricardo@c2adopt.org

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