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Types of Adoption

Agency Placements

These are adoptions that occur when a licensed agency or Department of Social Services has obtained custody of the child. They agency then has the legal authority to make the adoptive placement. They could do this with input from the biological parents or without input depending on the circumstances. Agency Placements may be done with full disclosure of identifying information between birth and adopting families. C2Adopt is not licensed to take custody of children and therefore does not initiate these types of placements.

Non-Agency Placements

These are adoptions that occur when the biological mother or father or together decide to place their child directly with an adopting family. This is referred to as a Parental Placement in Virginia. A licensed agency does not take custody of the child in this circumstance but is involved by providing home study assessment services, options counseling, Report to Court preparation and supervision of the placement. An agency is still involved but is not acting as the placing authority in this type of adoption. Parental Placements are typically done with full disclosure of identifying information between birth and adopting families; as well as with some agreement to on-going contact and communication.

Interstate Adoptions

This type of placement occurs when the child and the adopting family are in different states. This does require an additional entity to become involved that is called the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) which must oversee and approve the placement before the child can move from one state to the next. For Parental Placement adoptions, the adopting family’s attorney files all of the ICPC documentation; for Agency Placement adoptions, the agency holding custody files the documentation.

International or Intercountry Adoptions

This type of placement occurs when the child is in a different country that the adopting family. C2Adopt does not have an international adoption program but can assist families after they adopt from a foreign country through our Post Adoption Services program.

ALL ADOPTIONS in Virginia do require that the adopting family complete an approved home study assessment. This is a service C2Adopt can provide, except for International Adoptions. Please click on our Home Study Assessment Process document for details about this service.

Overview of the Adoption Process

A pregnant mother, newborn infant or older child has a need for the child to be permanently placed with another family via adoption.

A prospective adoptive parent or couple must complete a Home Study Assessment (also called Mutual Family Assessment by some agencies) with a licensed child-placing agency, like C2Adopt, in the state where they reside.

The placement is made as described above and legal consents are obtained.

Supervision of the placement is required prior to finalization of the adoption (unless the child has already been residing in the home for over 3 years or is a close relative of the adopting parents).

Finalization of the adoption occurs in circuit court after completion of supervision of the placement for at least 6 months.

Adoption Qualifications

C2Adopt requires an application for a Home Study Assessment from any individual or legally married couple. Applicants should be at least 21 years of age and reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We accept single applicants, LGBTQ+ individuals or married couples, and previously divorced families. You do not have to own your home to be eligible to adopt. We will consider financial stability on a case-by-case basis, looking at sources of income and expenses. We do not have a maximum age limit but will explore with all applicants their own health status and capacities to meet the needs of the age child they wish to adopt. We are not affiliated with any religious or church entity.

What to Expect From a Home Study Assessment

C2Adopt believes the Home Study Assessment is a mutual learning process. You will have the opportunity to learn about the adoption process, emotional issues, and parenting techniques. We will have the opportunity to learn about you while we assess your readiness to be an adoptive parent.

For a step-by-step description of the assessment: Download PDF

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